Why Partner With Oxfam?

Founded in 1942, Oxfam is one of world’s most respected organizations seeking lasting solutions to poverty. It is a confederation of 17 country organizations, including Oxfam America, working with over 3000 partners in approximately 100 countries.
Oxfam America is highly rated by leading independent evaluators such as Charity Navigator, the Better Business Bureau, and CharityWatch.

For years, Oxfam has promoted girls' education as a key tool in the alleviation of poverty, and has developed a nine point agenda to improve girls’ education. These nine points are:

1. Physical renovation of existing schools structures
2. Provision of selected school furnishings and supplies
3. Training of teachers
4. Formation of parent-driven school management committees (SMCs)
5. Inclusion of health awareness by teachers, students and SMC members
6. Participation of children in school improvement
7. Establishment of links with district government
8. Policy advocacy
9. Capacity building of local partners